Regina Hall’s late dog was lighting up like Snoop Dogg and the “Little” actress totally obliged.

Hall, 48, dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday and shared a hilarious story about herself, her mom, her dog and some kush.

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The actress had been giving her dog medical marijuana to help with his illness-related pains in old age. When Zeus passed, Hall saw no reason to let his stash go to waste.

“That’s a good question,” she told Kimmel when asked what she did with her dog’s weed. “The good stuff, you don’t want to throw it away. I was sad, I couldn’t sleep. My mother came to visit me because it was traumatic for me. She has arthritis, so I gave her a little and I took a little.”

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One night, her mom decided to take more than the recommended dose and Hall joined in. Later in the evening, her mother was having trouble speaking and the two believed Hall’s mom was having a stroke. They called an ambulance, went to the hospital, got an MRI and learned they were just too high.

Hall stars in the upcoming fantasy comedy “Little” with Issa Rae and Justin Hartley. The film premieres on April 12.