Bill Hader Talks Working As A Production Assistant, Reveals The Moment He Realized Reality TV Was Fake

Bill Hader was not happy when he found out reality TV wasn’t actually real.

The actor, who got his start in the industry working as a Production Assistant or PA, spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the moment he discovered such shows were fake.

Admitting he used to be quite a fan, Hader, who has been promoting the new series of “Barry”, admitted: “I worked on a show called ‘The Surreal Life’ where they took a bunch of celebrities and put them in a house.”

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“Corey Feldman was in this one and he got married and I was so bummed out because I like reality shows,” he added, before saying he was “that dumb” to believe they were all true.

He shared, “I was like 20, I was like ‘Wait, what?'” telling the host how there was a bit with Feldman where he was crying before producers told him to add a sentence in to make it sound better.

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Hader then spoke to Kimmel about starring in “It 2” and how he liked to read Stephen King books. However, he joked they were all “super long” and focused far too much on descriptions of food.

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