Bear Grylls’ fate is up to Netflix viewers in the new series “You Vs. Wild”.

The brand new, interactive series will have wilderness lovers exploring the great outdoors right from their living rooms.

Throughout the show, and with just the click of your remote, watchers will get to decide whether Grylls should eat a bug, ski or go paragliding down a mountain, to face a dangerous wolf or walk away and many other obstacles he comes across in the wild.

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“If you don’t make the right choices,” Grylls says in the trailer, “it might not end well for me.”

And just like Netflix’s official description reads, your decision making could see Grylls “plunge to his rocky demise”: “Dense jungles, towering mountains, brutal deserts and mysterious forests await, with tough decisions around every corner. In this interactive adventure series, you make all the decisions, and whether or not Grylls succeeds or fails is totally up to you.”

“You Vs. Wild” hits the streaming giant April 10.