Rob Lowe Reveals He Turned Down Playing McDreamy On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Jokes That It ‘Probably Cost Me $70 Million’

A lot of fans would agree with the assessment that Rob Lowe is dreamy, but who knew he was nearly cast as Dr. McDreamy on “Greys’ Anatomy”?

That’s what the 55-year-old actor revealed during a chat with comedian Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast, divulging that it could have been him and not Patrick Dempsey to play Dr. Mark Shepherd on the hit medical drama.

The former “Parks and Recreation” star dropped the news when Maron asked if he had ever turned down any projects.

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“Dude, I turned down ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. To play McDreamy,” he answered.

“That’s probably cost me $70 million,” he joked, adding, “Eh, it’s just money.”

Despite the money, Lowe admitted to Maron that he ultimately has no regrets about turning down the role.

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“Listen, at the end of the day it was like, I watched in when it came out,” he said. “And when they started calling the handsome doctor ‘McDreamy,’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s not for me.’”

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