Barbara Walters is not painted in the best light in the upcoming book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View’.

Stories have been emerging from the tell-all book, written by Ramin Setoodeh, the New York bureau chief for Variety, this week, and now Huffington Post have shared more.

The publication claimed to be the first to receive a full copy of the explosive book.

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Reporter Yashar Ali said of the iconic broadcast journalist in her piece: “Walters is portrayed as a leader who understandably held a tight grip on the show, but was also deeply egomaniacal and threatened by women who are more popular (namely Joy Behar and Rosie O’Donnell).”

Ali also claimed the book stated Walters “actively participated in undermining current and former co-hosts by leaking embarrassing information to the press.”

An example given was about former host O’Donnell, who reportedly sent Walters a copy of her book Celebrity Detox after she left the show.

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Because the release didn’t portray Walters kindly, she allegedly took matters into her own hands and gave a copy to ABC News, whom she reportedly told to frame O’Donnell as the villain.

The Huff Post writer continued, “A theme emerges throughout the book: The power Walters held over the show (and the fact that the filming studio and offices were located in a different building in New York City than ABC’s headquarters) allowed workplace misconduct and dysfunction to thrive at the program.

“And despite the fact that ABC executives were aware of what was happening, the book describes how they repeatedly failed to put a stop to what was going on behind the scenes ― alleging they even participated in stigmatizing mental illness and brought back a host they knew was unquestionably abusive to staff and co-hosts.”

Huff Post have contacted ABC for comment but said they did not immediately respond.

The book is expected to be released April 2.

Walters’ rep refused to comment when asked about the above report by ET Canada.

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