Go Behind The Scenes With K-Pop Megastars BTS In New ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Cover Story

BTS are taking over the world!

The international megastar K-pop group are on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly, taking fans behind the scenes as they prepare for the release of their highly anticipated sixth EP Map of the Soul: Persona.

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Group member Jimin looks back on the group’s first-ever Grammys and meeting Shawn Mendes in the washroom.

“I was like, ‘Do I need to tell him who I am?’” Jimin recalls, “but then he said hello first, which was really nice.”

The group also couldn’t get enough of Dolly Parton, who performed at the awards show, with Jungkook saying, “She was right there in front of us! Amazing.”

The seven members of BTS also talk about how living together in group housing has given them stability.

“We’ve been living together for a while now — almost eight, nine years,” Jimin says. “So, in the beginning, we had a lot of arguments and conflicts. But we’ve reached the point where we can communicate wordlessly, basically, just by watching each other and reading the expressions.”

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Then there’s the group’s massive success, with some comparing them to the Beatles at the height of their popularity in the 1960s.

“Sometimes it feels really embarrassing when someone calls us a 21st-century Beatles or something like that,” RM says. “But if they want to call us a boy band, then we’re a boy band. If they want to call us a boy group, we’re a boy group. If they want to call us K-pop, then we’re cool with K-pop.”

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