A local news station in Toledo, Ohio, attempted to connect with millennials this week but with questionable results.

WTOL 11 viewers were left cringing as anchors spoke using modern slang while talking about students having to take standardized tests.

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Anchors in the segment included Melissa Andrews and Tim Miller, as well as weather reporter Chris Vickers and traffic reporter Steven Jackson.

Andrews began: “It is testing week and it’s time to slay all day,” before Miller said: “Yeet! Stay woke, be on fleek and get that Gucci breakfast.”

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“Goals! Say ‘Bye, Felicia’ to that testing stress. Weather’s gonna be turnt,” Andrews went on, before they used words like “yas” and “lit.”

Jackson then squealed, “Okurr,” before he added that “FOMO” wouldn’t be an issue and that everyone would get to school on time because there was no traffic.

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