As “Dumbo” flies into theatres, star of the film Eva Green is talking about what it is like to join such an iconic movie despite going through the alleged abuse from Harvey Weinstein.

Green plays French trapeze artist Colette Marchant in the film, “I see her like a bird in a gold cage, she lives in luxury, is able to live her passion as an aerialist, but she is lying to herself,” she tells ES Magazine.

When she meets Dumbo she realizes her life is empty and she wants love in her life and a family,” Green adds. “It’s wonderful that Disney chose Tim [Burton] for this because you know it’s not going to be all unicorns and rainbows.”

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Before joining the cast of “Dumbo,” Green was one of the many alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein. “He was like a god. He could make you, destroy you. You think, maybe something will change — I could win an Oscar,” Green recalls.

She calls the fact that Weinstein has been brought to justice “a miracle”. But adds, “there are a***holes everywhere, in every field.”

With big films like “Casino Royale” and “300: Rise Of An Empire” under her belt, the actress, 38, still has her insecurities. “I read interviews with women going [smug voice], ‘Oh, I’m soooo confident now I am in my 30s or in my 40s, I have found myself.’ Well, actually, pfft, it is difficult for an actor, or for any woman, ageing. You think, my God, will people still like me? I’ll be in my 40s soon, but I always feel like I am 15.”

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And keeping with that youthful mentality Green notes that she “[hates] planning. In three months I might be on a job. Or I might be dead tomorrow.”

The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, Thursday, March 28 2019.

“Dumbo” will be released on March 29 2019.