A Double Eviction Surprises The ‘Big Brother Canada’ Houseguests

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….











Ever since that tense tied vote in Week 2, the gameplay in the “Big Brother Canada” house has become very one-sided. Tonight’s surprise double eviction attempts to spice things up but results in two plain old unanimous votes as Chelsea Bird and Eddie Lin are kicked out the door.

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Chelsea was a dead woman walking ever since Dane Rupert won his second Head of Household competition of the season. The Radio Host had started to tune into to the Pretty Boys alliance – and that essentially signed her eviction notice. Dane did everything he could to drag her name through the mud; even pitting her against her best friend Kyra Shenker by throwing them up on the block together.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Much like Kailyn Archer last week, there was nothing Chelsea could say to alleviate peoples’ fears. She was made the scapegoat, and everyone was happy enough to play along. In a way, she only has herself to blame after not taking a shot at the boys during her own HOH reign. Mama K warned her and could have been a powerful tool against the patriarchal power-trip. Instead, Chelsea pushed for Mama K’s eviction and lost a potential ally.

In tonight’s episode, Chelsea refuses to lay down and die, but her attempts to sway votes are met with a brick wall. When she makes her pitch to Mark Drelich, he condescendingly tells her he’ll explain everything to her after the game is over. She doesn’t have any better luck with Adam Pike, who admits to being afraid to push for her to stay in case it impacts negatively on his own game.

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Chelsea’s best hope comes when Kyra overhears the Pretty Boys group talking about past “BBCAN” alliances and notices them flashing a hand signal of their own. Kyra passes this info to her block buddy who snaps into action and tries to rally the women of the house against the men. “I don’t want women to watch this show and see all of us girls get picked off one-by-one,” Chelsea tells Estefania Hoyos. “F**k the patriarchy!”

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Despite her inspiring effort, Chelsea fails to spark a revolution and is voted out in a landslide 9-0 vote. The Edmonton-native leaves on good terms, wishing her fellow houseguests luck on her way out the door. “I understand it’s hard for people to pick sides,” she tells host Arisa Cox in her exit interview when asked if she is resentful towards her former allies Adam and Samantha Picco.

The Pretty Boys steamroll continues in the second eviction of the evening when Adam snatches his second HOH victory in the Before or After comp. With very little time to think through the options, the Oil field worker decides to nominate Eddie and Kiera Wallace, two houseguests he doesn’t have any sort of working relationship with in the game.

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It’s bad news for Eddie when Kiera guides herself to a Power of Veto win and takes herself off the block. While Eddie breaks down in tears, Sam tells her showmance partner that if he doesn’t make a big backdoor move on one of the guys, it will cement to people that a men’s alliance does in fact exist. It doesn’t matter though, Adam plays it safe, puts Kyra back on the block as a pawn, and Eddie is evicted unanimously.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

“I felt like an outsider from day one,” the Cryptocurrency developer tells Arisa after he leaves the house to a rousing ovation. While he apologizes to fans for being “boring,” he also explains why he struggled so much to gain traction in the game. “I find it very hard to adapt to a new environment,” he says. “And I couldn’t relate to a lot [the houseguests].”

It was a frustrating episode in many ways as double evictions are meant to shake up the status quo and spin the game in a new direction. But with the Pretty Boys continuing to have a vice-like grip on all the power in the house, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to mount an uprising. Still, there is the lingering threat of the Blood Veto, so there is hope yet for a turnaround.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

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