If there is one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to Brexit, it’s that the whole thing is a confusing mess.

Thankfully, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is on hand to explain what’s going on in the simplest way possible, complete with British accents.

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“Brexit is the world’s biggest Escape the Room,” Noah said. “That’s all this is.”

The late-night host then performed a one-man demonstration of his chaotic Escape Room analogy, his accent switching from cockney to Scottish to… John Oliver.

“I live in America now, so this is your f***ing problem,” the faux Oliver stated. “But I do have a very funny way to explain how totally f***ing screwed you are. So totally f***ing screwed!”

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To sum up, Noah said we shouldn’t be surprised Brexit is taking this long; after all, the British aren’t good at leaving anything: “…Pubs, colonies… why do you think Alfred is still living with Batman?”