Brandi Glanville is not buying Wendy Williams’ new openness about her substance abuse.

On her podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, the “Real Housewives” star said she has known about Williams’ struggles for years before the daytime host recently admitted them publicly.

“I knew there was a problem a long time ago,” Glanville said, InTouch Weekly reported. “I did an appearance in Vegas with her where she was not okay, very sloppy, and her husband kept apologizing for her because she was a mess. She was not nice to me.”

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Williams took a hiatus from her talk show for several weeks earlier this year, sparking rumours. When she came back to the show she said she was “doing well,” but on her March 19 episode she revealed she was living in a sober house.

Glanville had plenty more to say about the situation, “Prior to [Vegas], she used to be nice to me, but she was mean and, like, falling over, [a] wig-shifting mess. And this was years ago and then they wrote about it in, like, Star magazine and she just said, ‘No, I was fine,’ and everyone just believed her.

“To see her that way, it was just, like, ‘Girl, get it together.’” she added. “And I’m rooting for her 100 percent, but I was with [my friend] and we were just like, ‘Whoa. Who is that person?’ So this is not something recent.”

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Glanville also suggested the only reason Williams went public with her struggles:

“Too many people found out,” she said. “She had to come out and say it. … I do applaud her for talking about it now. But it’s, it’s been too long of not being a secret. Like, people knew, and she was like, ‘It’s Graves disease, it’s this,’ and yes, I’m sure she has that, and that’s horrible, but this is not something fresh.”

Glanville added that Williams wasn’t “owning up to her s**t.”

“If you watch the entertainment news, they’re all saying, ‘Well, for so long she was defending herself and saying she’s fine, her marriage is fine,’” Granville claimed. “She can dish it out. If you’re gonna talk s**t about Beyonce… you gotta be able to take it.”