When Mikky Ekko wrote “Stay”; he never imagined it would storm the charts or win over the heart of a superstar like Rihanna. It was a song he had written for his own album and to this day doesn’t know how she got her hands on it, but he says her appreciation of his work was  just what he needed: “When someone on that level recognizes you for something, it changes the way you feel about yourself. It gave me confidence… for the first time, I have my head in a space that’s way bigger than where it was a year ago.”;

Calvin Harris

Wild child Rihanna is all about taking risks and always manages to turn unlikely collaborations into smash hits. Calvin Harris is another producer who’s career only blew-up after she hand-picked his song, “We Found Love.”; “We were struggling finding someone to sing it,”; admits Calvin, who says it was only after Rihanna’s success with that track, that his work found a real audience in North America. “As far as radio play goes, after that they started playing “Feel So Close”;, like it was the new single when it was the old single, so that was great.”;

But it isn’t just newcomers who have felt the “Rihanna bump,”; everyone from Coldplay to Kanye had a career boost after teaming up with the Bajan beauty. To hear more from the men behind Rihanna, check out the video below.