Lauren Ash Says She ‘Would Debate’ How To ‘End My Life’ Because Of PCOS Pain

Lauren Ash is getting real about some dark times in her life.

The Canadian actress opened up to Women’s Health about being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and how it has impacted her mental health.

“There were times I would lay in bed and the feelings of despair were so overwhelming, I would debate how I should end my life just to end the pain,” she told the mag.

The “Superstore” actress, 36, was diagnosed with the condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels just as she landed the role on the hit Global comedy, “At the time, I hadn’t even heard of it, much less knew what that meant, but I took [the doctor’s] recommendation and went to my ob-gyn.”

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Ash continued, “There, my ob-gyn did an internal ultrasound and confirmed the diagnosis. She showed me the monitor and it seemed my ovaries — each one surrounded by countless cysts that made it look like they were wearing pearl necklaces.”

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And part of her treatment, following surgery, was progesterone pills that she believes lead to depression, “I knew that I couldn’t go on this way but was also wildly ashamed of what I had been experiencing.”

Now, a year after going public with her PCOS diagnosis, she’s been involved with the non-profit group PCOS Sisterhood.

“Every woman with PCOS is different, and no two journeys are alike, but there is one goal we all have in common,” she said. “We have a voice, we’re not afraid to use it, and it’s time that people start listening.”

An all new season of “Superstore” returns to Global on April 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Read more from Ash here.

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