After losing his mother, Princess Diana, at age 12, Prince Harry is now speaking out about the profound influence she has had on his life. “All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud,”; the 31-year-old royal told People. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”;

Speaking in the Audience Room of Kensington Palace prior to the Invictus Games in Orlando, the Prince Harry revealed, “When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world,”; adding, “If I can try and fill a very small part of that, then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will William.”;

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The second Invictus Games to be held in Orlando from May 8-12 will hold more than 500 wounded, injured and sick serving military personnel and veterans from around the globe. Speaking of his own charitable work, Prince Harry said, “I enjoy what I do. But I don’t do things because I feel as though my mother would want me to do them.”; He continued, “I know I’ve got a lot of my mother in me. I am doing a lot of things that she would probably do.”;

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The former British Army captain also talked about how his own military experience influenced the Invictus Games. “You turn up and you think you’re invincible in a super-duper aircraft, but you’re helpless,”; he said. “Then I come back and I say, “How can I use my name and that spotlight to the best effect?’ “Creating the Games,” he notes, was “almost like a cure for that pain I had back then.”;

The 2017 Invictus Games will be held in Toronto, and Prince Harry dropped by the city to speak about the event and meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.