Shawn Mendes Sent A Text To Billie Eilish But She Never Responded

Shawn Mendes was left out in the cold after a text from Billie Eilish went unanswered.

The hit “Bury A Friend” singer admitted during an interview that Canadian singer Mendes texted her, but she never responded.

“Shawn Mendes texted me, but I didn’t respond,” Eilish said with a laugh when asked who the last famous person she messaged with was.

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A Shawn Mendes fan account tweeted out a clip from the interview which got his attention.

“LOL wow,” he said while retweeting the clip.

His fans felt for him and responded with how he might be reacting and words of encouragement.

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So next time you have unanswered texts just remember it happens to the best of us.

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