It is an end of an era as “Game Of Thrones” heads into their final season. Sophie Turner who has played Sansa Stark on the hit show for nearly a decade is chatting to Harper’s Bazaar UK about the end.

The May cover star says she is “just coming to terms” with the ending of the show right now. “It’s like a death in the family. I’m losing the character I’ve played so long.”

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She added that at the start she didn’t think anything “stayed with me from all the things Sansa went through. But though I think it hasn’t affected me emotionally, I did start thinking about the domestic abuse and rape, and it spurred this little part of me that might be an activist.”

The result of #MeToo is a cause that Turner calls “exciting.””Now, you see women in the camera departments, producing, directing.”

Turner, 23, has been fortunate not to have “had anything as extreme as these awful Weinstein cases” happen to her. But she has had “moments where I’ve thought in hindsight, ‘That was not an OK thing for someone to do.’”

Along with her newest film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” Turner is also planning a wedding to Joe Jonas.

“We’re trying to keep it [the wedding] as low-key as possible, so it’s more of an intimate thing,” she says.

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The couple has been together since November 2016 but had some mutual friends beforehand. “They’d been trying to introduce us for a long time. We were following each other on Instagram and he direct-messaged me one fine day, out of the blue,” Turner recalls.

She calls her one-third of the Jonas Brothers “lovely” and “just the funniest.” Adding, “He’s the most fun, energetic, positive person I’ve ever seen. I’m pessimistic, so we balance each other out.”

As for her other big project, she says that “the biggest thing I took away from this movie is what mental health problems can do to family and friends” because it is “too painful to see.”

“I have had a lot of people close to me who have struggled with their mental health, including myself, so it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

The May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is on sale from Thursday 4 April 2019.

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is released nationwide on 5 June 2019.