Ed O’Neill drops some tantalizing hints about the final season of “Modern Family” when he stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday.

The 72-year-old actor tells DeGeneres how “lucky” he feels to have been part of two hit sitcoms, “Modern Family” and “Married with Children”, both of which ran for 11 seasons, before revealing some details about the ABC show’s last hurrah.

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“I think we may go on a trip, we may go to Colombia, you know, where’s Sofía (Vergara) is from,” he says. “Barranquilla, or something like that — it sounds something like that.”

Sofía Vergara, who was born in Barranquilla before later moving to Miami, Florida to pursue a modelling career, plays O’Neill’s on-screen wife Gloria in the popular comedy series.

“That would be amazing,” the host says. “And then your character wouldn’t understand anything that anyone is saying.”

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O’Neill also explains how his daughter Sophia was jealous that he got to kiss his co-star, Dylan O’Brien, in the Jordan Peele YouTube series “Weird City”.

“In the story we kiss, and she (Sophia) had to witness this and was very upset that it was me and not her” he recalls, explaining how his daughter has a crush on the young up-and-coming actor.

“What are the odds of an actor you have a crush on kisses your dad?” DeGeneres asks. “He’s a really good kisser,” O’Neill quips.

Later in the show, DeGeneres once again tests the veteran actor’s pop culture knowledge in a funny game of “Who’s This?”