Antonio Sabato Jr may be best known for his portrayal of Jagger Cates on “General Hospital”;, or his ripped abs in several Calvin Klein campaigns, but the heartthrob has another gig at which he’d like to try his hand – secret service agent for President Donald Trump!

“I would love to work his security. I would love to work in his secret service department in the executive protection program,” he reveals.

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Sabato Jr is an ardent Trump supporter and hopes the presumptive Republican nominee is elected President when the United States goes to the polls in November. “I like his policies and I like what he can do for this country. This country’s in a mess,” says Sabato Jr. “I’m liking him as a person and I think he will be a great president.”

And Sabato Jr is actually qualified to protect Trump should he become the next Commander In Chief. “I’ve been going through all the processes and all the testing and I’ve passed them all,” he explains. “As of right now I could actually work in the executive protection program.”

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Whether he’ll be called into duty remains to be seen, but in the meantime Sabato Jr is focusing on being provocative instead of protective.

Thursday he begins a one-month residency with Chippendales in Las Vegas! “When opportunities come, I always feel like, just embrace it, just go with it,” he says of his decision to join the male dance review.

Though Sabato Jr is no stranger to stripping down, he says Chippendales is different from anything he’s ever done. “I don’t think anything prepares you for the Chippendales,” he says. “You know when I’m doing a Calvin Klein ad, and I’ve done three of them, you’re shooting some pictures. No I’m on stage with a lot of people screaming.” But Sabato Jr is confident he’s got it on lock. “I’m a performer so once the lights go on and the music stars playing, we’re gonna have a good time.”