Justin Bieber is getting some flack for his latest effort at promoting his Drew fashion brand.

The “What Do You Mean?” singer re-posted a photo on Sunday that had fans riled up. The photo, featuring Diddy and the late Kim Porter sitting on the hood of a car,. The pic was originally posted by Diddy on Saturday as a tribute to Porter.

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Bieber, 25, shared the photo on his own Instagram with the following caption: “K.P., you will always be remembered for the stunning woman you were inside and out.”

It was the hashtags Bieber used that rubbed people the wrong way. “#DiddyForDrewHouse” Bieber captioned the photo while also tagging his Drew label.

“Delete this sir he shared this picture in memory of his wife, not for promo for the clothing line,” one user wrote. “Delete this he was mourning about his girlfriend under the post. This is disrespectful,” wrote another.

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Justin Bieber/Instagram
Justin Bieber/Instagram

Bieber replied to one of the users, insisting he had no idea Diddy posted the photo in mourning. “God knows my heart, I know them and their family don’t tell me I’m being disrespectful I have all the respect for both of them I didn’t realize it was a photo of him mourning KP but I totally respect that but I also respect how sick of a photo that is!” Bieber said.

“It’s all to appreciate art,” he argued. “Photographs are art and he happens to be wearing an identical outfit of my clothing line and I thought that was really cool.”