Woody Harrelson took a trip recently with an impressive group of celebrity pals.

The actor is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, and the host brings up a photo he posted on Instagram last year while he was vacationing in France.

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The photo featured himself with Matthew McConaughey, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Rock, Bono, Guy Oseary, Lars Ulrich, director Lars von Trier, and artist JR.

“We all just kinda ran into each other,” Harrelson joked. “You know, just moseying around France.”

He then reveals that they were all together in the south of France hanging out at Bono’s place.

“I take a ‘Friendship’ tour pretty much every year,” he explains. “I thought about calling it a ‘Bender Where I Leech Off My Rich Friends’, but I thought, No, ‘Friendship’ tour!

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Later in the interview, Harrelson talks about his dedication to yoga and jumping off his two-storey home into his pool for fun.