Joey King loves to pull a good prank, especially on her sister.

The 19-year-old star of “The Act” is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Tuesday, and after talking about the new series, the host changes subjects and asks about the April Fool’s Day prank she pulled on her sister Hunter this year.

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“Hunter, poor thing, she gets the brunt of all my jokes,” King laughs. “I took her deodorant and twisted out all of the deodorant and I packed it with cream cheese instead. I froze it so it would take on the shape of deodorant.”

Amazingly the prank completely worked.

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“I gave her a hug later and was like, ‘Oh, girl to girl, you need some deodorant!’ And she used it! And didn’t know until later when she started smelling like a bagel!” King says.

Hunter, who is in the audience, simply shakes her head back and forth, but with a smile acknowledging how great the prank was.