Michael Jackson Biographer Claims New Evidence Challenges ‘Leaving Neverland’ Accusations

Michael Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe says he has proof the men at the centre of “Leaving Neverland” fabricated their accusations.

Smallcombe shared his newfound information with the Mirror Online last week. He referenced accuser Wade Robson’s claims that Jackson abused Robson when his family went to the Grand Canyon without him. Smallcombe says Robson’s mother, Joy, told a court under oath in 1992 that Robson was with them on the trip —a statement she supposedly reaffirmed in 2016.

“His mother, Joy Robson, testified under oath in a deposition in 1993/1994 in relation to the Jordie Chandler case that Wade had actually gone with them on that trip to the Grand Canyon. Before the entire family returned to Neverland for the second time the following weekend,” Smallcombe said.

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“Joy Robson had no reason to lie about this; she openly admitted that Wade stayed with Jackson alone on other occasions,” he continued. “She could have said, ‘Wade stayed behind with Michael when we went away to the Grand Canyon between weekends,’ it wouldn’t have made a difference.”

Smallcombe asserted that James Safechuck’s testimony is also untrue. Safechuck claimed in 2014 that he was abused between 1988 and 1992 in an upstairs room in Neverland’s train station. The biographer has unearthed permits showing the train stain station was permitted for construction in 1993, a year after the alleged abuse concluded.

“The deficiency in Safechuck’s story is this. Construction on Neverland’s train station didn’t start until the latter part of 1993, and it didn’t open until the first part of 1994 when Safechuck was 16,” he said. “So abuse in the train station wasn’t possible if the abuse stopped in 1992, as he claims in his testimony, as it didn’t even exist then. There’s a two-year difference.”

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“Leaving Neverland” director Dan Reed addressed the train station permit, believing Safechuck had the timetable of his abuse wrong. “Yeah, there seems to be no doubt about the station date,” wrote Reed. “The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse.”

Smallcombe later told NME, “These are two extremely detailed and key stories in the documentary — especially in the case of Wade Robson — which have been provably fabricated… While this doesn’t categorically rule out that Jackson abused them, it does make you wonder, if they’ve fabricated these stories, what about the rest?”

“Leaving Neverland” sent shockwaves around Hollywood following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Both the accusers and Jackson’s family have spoken publicly about the film.

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