Zachary Levi Unleashes James Corden’s Inner ‘Shazam’ In Hilarious ‘Late Late Show’ Skit

Zachary Levi brings out James Corden’s inner “Shazam” in a new “Late Late Show” skit.

Levi, who plays the lead character in the upcoming movie, tells Corden to say the all-important word after he moans: “I can’t seem to crack superheroes! It’s the one thing I haven’t done, I want to play a superhero.”

The talk-show host then transforms into a superhero, but can’t figure out what his super power is.

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After testing out his running and strength skills, Corden eventually realizes that his super power is the ability to grow an instant moustache.

However, not happy with his “worst super power in the world,” Levi pays someone to help Corden, who names himself “Speed Goat”, think he just helped catch a mugger by shocking them with his facial fuzz.

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See more in the clip above.

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