Anya Taylor-Joy Talks ‘Uncomfortable Or Painful Experiences’ In Movie Industry

Anya Taylor-Joy is quickly rising the Hollywood ranks but it has not all been sunshine and rainbows.

The “Glass” and “Split” actress opens up about the many obstacles she has encountered in the film industry in a new interview with Marie Claire. “It’s not all been smooth sailing but the uncomfortable or painful experiences I’ve had have shaped me to be someone who is starting to understand their worth,” she says.

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Marie Claire UK/ Simon Emmett
Marie Claire UK/ Simon Emmett

“You have to set your own boundaries, and I think we’re coming into a [time] where women feel more comfortable finding that voice. It’s fun to be difficult sometimes. And, by the way, being difficult does not mean being a d**k, it means saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable with this, so I will not be doing it.'”

Some have labelled the 22-year-old actress difficult but that is a label she refuses to accept. “I don’t think I’m a difficult person. I’m very easy to work with and I work hard,” she insists. “I’m kind to people but don’t bulls**t me because I will call you out on it.”

“I just read this incredible book called In Praise Of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo [about how] the term ‘difficult’ has been used to brand women when really they just know what they want,” Taylor-Joy shares.

Taylor-Joy is currently filming the latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, 23 years after the release of “Emma” starring Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress tells Marie Claire she has not seen Paltrow’s take on the character. “I want my own Emma,” she expresses. “I’m quite excited to bring a more eccentric version to the screen. I’d like to create a very real person with very real insecurities.”

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Marie Claire UK/ Simon Emmett
Marie Claire UK/ Simon Emmett

“That’s not a comment on Gwyneth’s performance because I haven’t seen the film,” Taylor-Joy continues. “It says a lot about the character that Austen says [at the beginning of the book] that she’s written a character who nobody other than her will like. I love that.”

Taylor-Joy will star alongside Johnny Flynn, Mia Goth, Bill Nighy, and Callum Turner in “Emma”. Marie Claire’s May issue with cover star Taylor-Joy is available now.

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