Tobey Maguire has a slate of new hobbies that many readers might be unfamiliar with.

The “Spider-Man” and “Great Gatsby” actor recently shared his new passions with The Hollywood Reporter. One of those includes a super-tense twist on the traditionally peaceful exercise of completing a jigsaw puzzle.

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“I’ve done a couple jigsaw puzzles recently,” Maguire said. “A buddy of ours does some puzzling himself, and he introduced me to competitive puzzling. Producer Matthew Plouffe elaborated. “Like 30 people,” Plouffe said. “You team up into groups of four and everyone gets the same 250-piece puzzle, and you race against the clock.”

They say you can pickle anything and apparently that includes balls. “I’ve been playing some pickleball with my friends, and hang out with my kids,” Macguire added. “I’m going skiing soon.”

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What exactly is pickleball? According to USAPA, pickleball is “a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.” It is played with “a paddle and a plastic ball with holes” and players can compete in singles or doubles action.

Maguire is producing three films this year: “Brittany Runs a Marathon”, “The Best of Enemies” and “The Violent Heart”.

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