Gigi Gorgeous has just released a memoir chronicling her transition from male to female, and comes clean about how she overcame her longtime compulsion to steal.

In her new book, He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey, the 26-year-old YouTube sensation reveals she first began stealing as a teenager.

“I started stealing in ninth grade. And I don’t mean a pack of gum from the convenience store here and there. I mean stealing on the regular. It got really bad. It was 100 per cent an addiction,” she writes, as reported by People.

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Part of the reason behind her theft, she admits, was that when she was still a male she found it less embarrassing to steal makeup for herself than buy it.

“It was easier emotionally, less invasive, I guess,” she admits. “And it was also kind of a thrill. I have an addictive personality, so when I like something, I really want it all.”

The more she stole, the easier it became, until she decided to make a pact with herself to steal something every single day for an entire year.

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“I have no idea why I did this,” she confesses. “It’s f**ked! And not the good ‘f**ked!’”

As her stealing progressed, so did the magnitude of what she stole, and she says she got a thrill from it.

“Stealing was a rush to me, more about the feeling than the thing I was stealing. I f**king loved it. I could compare it to a drug, it was so addictive,” she adds. “I totally had an addiction to material things. I could buy this stuff, but it was more of a thrill to take it.”

Her addiction ended, she explains, when she came to realize her stealing was a subconscious attempt to mask her increasing feelings that she was actually a woman.

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“I was definitely suppressing my thoughts about being transgender,” she writes. “I knew I was gay, yes, but I wasn’t totally happy with my gay identity. I knew something else was going on with me. I saw everyone else as ‘normal’ and myself as messed up in a way. And all of that made me so angry. Stealing allowed me to take my anger out on something else.”