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Another week in the “Big Brother Canada” house, another week of the Pretty Boys alliance controlling the vote. This time the victim is Kiera Wallace, the 23-year-old Bartender from Port Moody, who will be needing a stiff drink when she watches this show back. Not even the promise of a game-changing Blood Veto can do anything to save this season.

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The worst thing about how this week turned out is that it didn’t have to be this way. When Samantha Picco won the Head of Household competition it should have been an opportunity to take a swing at the guys’ alliance. Sam’s had suspicions about the boys working together for a while and has even overheard conversations confirming her concerns. The fact she let another woman go home on her HOH week is something she may come to regret.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The issue is that Sam is involved in a showmance with Adam Pike, who continues to lie to her about his closeness with the guys. There are times when the Beauty salon owner catches her “BBCAN” beau in a lie and begins to see through the facade. There was a particularly cool moment in Wednesday night’s episode when she called him out for sounding exactly like fellow houseguest Anthony Douglas – the glue holding the Pretty Boys together behind the scenes.

However, despite Sam’s subconscious screaming at her to make a move, she ultimately ends up doing the boys’ bidding. There were moments during the week when it seemed like she was open to backdooring Dane Rupert or saving Kiera and making sure Mark Drelich went home. But when it came down to it, she failed to deliver. That said, she was partly backed into a corner when Adam refused to use the Power of Veto on Kiera.

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That’s where tonight’s episode picks up. Adam’s Veto Meeting is interrupted when Kyra Shenker is called to the Diary Room to find out the meaning behind the ominous Blood Veto. Kyra gained the mysterious power earlier in the week when the house had to come to a unanimous decision on who should get it. It turns out the Blood Veto can be used to reverse the decision of the eviction vote and send the other nominee packing.

It’s an immense power, and the only chance of a genuine shake-up, given that Mark essentially has the votes all but locked up with his Pretty Boys alliance. Kyra though is worried about going back on their word after promising earlier in the week they wouldn’t use it. On the one hand, there is the excitement of making a big move, while on the other, they could be upsetting the peace and painting a target on their back.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

While Kiera and Mark campaign for votes, speculation and paranoia regarding the Blood Veto runs rampant throughout the house. Dane, in particular, is on edge. He’s nominated Kyra twice before and he’s worried that if they have the power to name a replacement nominee, he could find himself on the block come Thursday. Dane does his best to suck up to the Blood Veto holder but it’s obvious to Kyra and everyone else in the house what his intentions are.

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However, for all of Kyra’s talk of making a big move, when it comes to the moment of truth, they bottle it. Kiki receives 5 votes, with only Estefania Hoyos voting to save her, and her only safety line is if Kyra uses the Blood Veto to reverse the vote. Kiki makes her pitch, telling Kyra that her goal is to go after Dane, after realizing that he was the one that pulled the strings to get her nominated. But Kyra doesn’t buy it… the so-called “bloodiest” power in “BBCAN” history doesn’t even make splatter.

The highlight of what should have been a monumental night is when an injured Kiera is carried up the stairs by Anthony and then transported to her eviction stool by a burly security guard. When that’s the best moment of the episode, it tells you how disappointing this whole Blood Veto fiasco turned out to be.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Arisa Cox asks Kiki why she didn’t fight to the death to get the Blood Veto herself, especially knowing she was in danger. The British Columbia native explains that she didn’t want to argue her case too hard out of fear of making herself an even bigger target. And as for her feelings on Dane, Kiki says that she knew he was more intelligent than he gave off with his goofy hockey guy persona. “He snapped at me before I snapped at him”, she says.

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It’s ultimately another frustrating eviction in what is turning out to be a real slog of a season. Mark only receiving one vote against him is maddening in its own right. But the Blood Veto has been hyped since the very first night and to see it come and go in such unceremonious fashion is so disheartening that it’s almost laughable. Can anyone take break up the Pretty Boys? It’s becoming less likely by the week.

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