Michael Jackson’s family have hit out at the “Leaving Neverland” documentary once again.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck both accused the musician of sexual assault in the much-talked-about doc.

However, Taj and Brandi Jackson have now denied such claims in a YouTube film presented by Australian journalist Liam McEwan.

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Taj Jackson defended his uncle, telling the camera: “It was living vicariously through people. He didn’t have a childhood, he was in the studio all the time.

“He would ask me and my brothers about birthday parties. He would be so intrigued.”

Taj also spoke about letters Robson and Safechuck reportedly received from the star under the name Uncle Dudu.

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“There’s tens and tens of us that have these notes. I had these, my brothers had these.

“He was like that, if he thought his words could help you or inspire you he would write you a letter. There’s nothing uncommon about it, but in the wrong context, people who don’t know him or the context of it will think that’s weird.”

Watch the full 30-minute documentary above.