Fox News Contributor Mocked On Social Media For Wearing Bulletproof Vest At U.S. Border

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones III stepped in a huge pile of social media mockery when he shared a photo of himself on Thursday being filmed for a report, outfitted in what appears to be a small bulletproof vest.

Was Jones covering a war zone? A deadly terrorist threat? A civil uprising?

Not quite; he was in Laredo, Texas, at the U.S.-Mexico border to report on the so-called “invasion” of migrant refugees seeking asylum.

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Jones was mocked by other journalists covering the border situation, who shared similar photos — in which they were not attired in bulletproof clothing.

Rising-star Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also weighed in, taking the fun a step further by sharing a closeup of the vest, which resembles a child’s inexpensive backpack and is seemingly unlikely to repel bullets.

“Fox is really out here doing the most on a budget to make the border look more dangerous than it is,” AOC tweeted, jokingly suggesting that Jones picked up the vest at a low-end supply store.

Other celebs to pile on the mockery included “Catastrophe” star Rob Delaney and celebrity chef Jose Andres.

Jones, however, insisted he was ordered to wear the vest by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for safety reasons.

Jones also offered a direct response to AOC:

Jones demonstrated he was maintaining his sense of humour about the whole thing in a tweet he issued on Friday morning, joking that he’s “tempted to make my vest my trademark like Deray’s blue vest,” referencing Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson’s ubiquitous blue Patagonia vest.

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