W Network’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is coming to an end after four seasons and its star is looking back on the emotional journey.

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On Thursday Rachel Bloom shared a series of flashback photos from the pilot casting and shooting where the adventure began, along with a message paying tribute to the show and its fans.

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Tomorrow night at 8pm, you will see the culmination of the conversation that @abmck and I have been having for almost 6 years. The last sentence of #crazyexgirlfriend is the same last sentence that we had in the original pilot pitch. Of course, so much has changed from that original pitch to the final product, but the fact that we’ve actually gotten to finish our thought in the way we wanted to and had the opportunity to stay true to our vision without being canceled blows my mind. I’m still not convinced that this whole thing hasn’t been some sort of elaborate social experiment or “Shutter Island”- style simulation. Thank you to @thecw for believing in us and to everyone who has watched and will continue to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Also, #tbt.

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Bloom followed that post up with a second one featuring even more photos from the earliest days of production.

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Some more #crazyexgirlfriend #tbt

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Deadline sat down with Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna to chat about the show ending. Bloom described the feeling as “happy grief. “Like grandma was old and she had a good life. Aline has actually sent a kid off to college so that may parallel might be good for her.”

McKenna added on that she feels “liberated” but “very nostalgic even though it was last week.”

The two have mentioned a musical might be in the future, an idea Bloom says is still around. “There’s no timeline on it though,” McKenna notes. “We’re good with what we did [with the finale] so there’s no rush. It’s also on Netflix so people can enjoy that for a while!”