Grimes Talks Shedding Her ‘Public Persona’ With New Name Change

Grimes is changing things up.

The singer, who just changed her stage name to c, says she was ready to shed her “public persona.”

In an interview with Cultured magazine, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, said: “You just have to totally untether your personality from your public persona.”

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She added that her relationship with Elon Musk helped make her decision for the change, “I’m like, I don’t want to use that name anymore. I don’t want to use that face anymore. Because it now stands for something that I don’t agree with.”

And with the new name comes a new album, which she describes as “the Voldemort of climate change.”

“It’s anthropomorphizing climate change,” she continued. “It’s sort of about this demon of the end of the world, this character that’s like the Voldemort of climate change. She’s relishing the end of the world, and it’s an album about how great f**king climate change is.”

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The new album, Miss_Anthropocene, is a follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2015 record Art Angels.

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