Dean Cain Slams ‘Hubris’ Of Alyssa Milano And Others Stars Threatening Not To Film In Georgia Over Abortion Bill

Last week, more than 50 top Hollywood stars signed a letter promising they would no longer film projects in Georgia if the state passes its controversial “Heartbeat Bill” that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The letter, written by Alyssa Milano, was signed by such stars as Amy Schumer, Debra Messing, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Silverman, Christina Applegate, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn and Don Cheadle.

One name not appearing on the letter is that of Dean Cain, and the former “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” star appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” to voice his opposition to the proposed boycott.

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“The hubris of Hollywood to say to a sovereign state like Georgia, you guys have to follow our beliefs on abortion, is ridiculous,” said the 56-year-old actor. “There’s a reason the 10th Amendment exists.”

He continued: “For Hollywood to tell Georgia voters what their views should be on abortion is a huge mistake, and I think it’s a giant overstep… But, you know, it’s Hollywood. And Hollywood has done that before.”

While estimates conclude that if all Hollywood productions were to pull out of Georgia it would cost the state $9 billion in revenue, Cain claimed the money spent in the state due to filming is negligible.

“Those tax incentives that bring in studios, honest to goodness, don’t make a huge fiscal impact on the state,” Cain said. “So if people don’t show up to work in Georgia, it’s not going to hurt Georgians very much at all in the pocketbook, and I think it’s a ridiculous thing to go for.”

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Meanwhile, Cain also offered his theory that Milano isn’t actually behind the movement, but is merely a puppet who’s strings are being pulled.

“I don’t think Alyssa Milano is doing this out of her own volition, I think she’s got somebody behind her, a group behind her, for her to be quoting certain things and creating these protests,” he claimed. “I don’t think she’s doing it by herself.”

On March 28, the former “Charmed” star tweeted the letter she sent to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, calling the bill “dangerous and deeply flawed.”

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