The schoolyard playground was not kind to Anna Kendrick, leaving the “Pitch Perfect” star with a lifelong fear of dodgeball.

In order to conquer that fear, the 33-year-old actress appeared on Kevin Hart’s YouTube series “Kevin Hart: What the Fit”, an unscripted series chronicling the 39-year-old comedian as he and an array of celebrity pals embark on various fitness adventures.

“I don’t know if you know this about being a small person, but you get picked last for stuff, you’re not thought of as super athletic. You’re like those little baby gazelles that are injured in those nature documentaries,” Kendrick tells Hart of her aversion to dodgeball, admitting that while she may not have suffered a lot of physical injuries, “there are spiritual injuries.”

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To help his guest deal with those “spiritual injuries,” Hart takes Kendrick to go see a psychic, who quickly assesses that she’s suffering from “playground trauma.”

After her psychic reading, Hart offers what he feels is an appropriate saying: “You can walk all you want, but eventually somebody got to cook the hot dog.”

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From there, it’s off to a special facility where, instead of a solid floor, participants bounce around on a bed of trampolines while playing dodgeball.

You can find out how well Kendrick fared in the video above.