Chelsea Handler’s celebrity crush is an unusual one.

The comedian sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and confessed her love for Robert Mueller, 74, who fronted the investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia during his U.S. presidental campaign.

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Handler openly talked about being “sexually attracted” to the Special Counsel in her new memoir Life Will Be the Death of Me, writing, “I’m not embarrassed by my feelings for Robert Mueller. I am legitimately attracted to him and everything he stands for… I suspect there will be a lot of people naming their baby boys Bob after this whole s**tshow is over.”

While chatting with DeGeneres, Handler explained why. “I have daddy issues like I explain in my book,” she said. “I’ve been attracted to older men for quite some time.”

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Handler, 44, added, “From what I can tell under his business attire there is a six- to eight-pack… He was a marine. If you can keep your act together for that long I want to talk about penetration.”

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