Kim Kardashian Says Khloe Kardashian Once Shoplifted Dior Sunglasses: ‘She Took Them And We Walked Out’

Khloe Kardashian once scored a five-finger discount on a pair of Dior sunglasses.

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Kim Kardashian West dished on her sister’s shoplifting incident while speaking to Bustle. “We were in Hawaii and there was this Christian Dior store and no one [was working] there,” she said. The two were teenagers at the time. “Like, it was [in] the wild… just an empty store,” Kim giggled. “Khloe really wanted the Dior sunglasses, so she took them and we walked out.”

In fact, the sisters loved the sunglasses so much they still have them. “These sunglasses were everything,” Kardashian revealed. “I still have them to this day and they were so much fun. So cute.”

“That was so funny. We were like ‘this is wild.’ I think the [employee] must have gone to the bathroom or been in the back by herself on a Sunday,” she continued. “I don’t know what the story was, but it was really funny.”

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Speaking of sunglasses, Kardashian launched her first sunglasses collection with Carolina Lemke last week.



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