Nina Dobrev’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Fame Still Haunts Her: ‘If I Tell You How Many Vampire Scripts I Get Offered, You Would Laugh’

Nina Dobrev wants scripts less like “The Vampire Diaries” and scripts more like “Big Little Lies” on her table.

The Canadian actress recently dropped by Variety‘s “My Favorite Episode” podcast. She shared her love for the first season of HBO’s “Big Little Lies”. “That finale episode was so powerful, especially because of the journey that all of those characters had gone on up until that point,” she said.

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“I think that it was a perfect episode all around. Everything got wrapped up, the questions were answered, all of the characters found resolve, other than Perry (Alexander Skarsgard), but that’s OK.” Dobrev continued. “We don’t want him to have resolve.”

“I cannot wait for next season,” Dobrev shared. “That bond and that womanhood is something that’s really strong. It’s great that we’re seeing it translated on film and in life and that it was right before the [#MeToo] movement, but the timing could not have been better.”

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A show like “Big Little Lies” is exactly the kind of series the “Fam” star wants to work on. “It’s what we’re all fighting all the time,” she said of being typecast. “Just because someone is known to do one thing doesn’t mean they don’t have it in them to do everything. Everyone does. It’s just whether they’re given the opportunity.”

“If I tell you how many vampire scripts I get offered, you would laugh,” dished Dobrev. “Of course at some point, I want to tackle — I want to do an HBO show, I want to do premium cable. I’d love to do a period piece. I want to be a chameleon in that way.”

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