‘Game Of Thrones’ Star John Bradley On Just How Secret The Scripts Are: ‘You Guard It With Your Life’

John Bradley guards the “Game Of Thrones” script with as much intensity as his character Samwell Tarley protects Gilly.

The “GoT’ star sits down with Entertainment Weekly for a special collector’s edition cover issue. Bradley, 30, opens up about what it is like wrapping up the eighth and final season of the beloved HBO series.

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“It was the start of the goodbye process. The only time we’re really happy and content is that brief period between the show airing and receiving the next scripts, that thin band of time where we know as much as the audience,” he says. “So when fans ask, ‘What’s going to happen?’ we can say, ‘We don’t know, we haven’t read it.'”

“As soon as [I] started to read that script I became in possession of knowledge that so many people in the world want,” he continues. “You guard it with your life,” he says of the script. “We feel a responsibly to keep all those secrets. But I think the audience is going to be delighted. It’s never been a show that gives people exactly what they think they want.”

Bradley’s character Sam made a game-changing discovery about Jon Snow’s patronage in the season seven cliffhanger. “Sam is feeling the responsibility of the information. It’s like what we were talking about before — this is a big spoiler for Jon Snow, the character,” he says. “But like when people ask us for spoilers, they don’t really want to hear the spoiler.”

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“They would rather see it,” he continues. “Like that, Sam knows if Jon has to hear this that he would rather hear it from Sam than anybody else because he trusts Sam to deliver it in a compassionate way.”

The eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones” premieres April 14.

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