Dua Lipa Talks Avoiding Reading About Herself Online In ‘ELLE’ Cover Story

Dua Lipa tries not to read about herself on the internet.

The British singer is on the May cover of ELLE magazine, opening up about stardom and the attention—not all of it good—that comes with it.

Photo: Carin Backoff for ELLE
Photo: Carin Backoff for ELLE

“It’s this vicious cycle where you don’t want to read it but you go looking for it, then you get yourself upset,” Lipa says of the things people say about her online. “I can’t let the opinions of others define what I feel about myself. That’s something I’m constantly telling my fans as well. Platform or no platform, musician or not, everyone’s getting bullied because everyone’s got this screen and they feel like no one can see them.”

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Photo: Carin Backoff for ELLE
Photo: Carin Backoff for ELLE

The 23-year-old also talks about the stark difference between her new audience in America and European audiences early in her career.

“They’re brutal,” she says of the Americans. “The trolls Stateside are the worst. When I was starting out, I never remember feeling hate. Then things got big, and I felt this weird expectation of being Beyonce already. Everything you’re doing gets looked at under a magnifying glass. People want to stunt your growth. They scrutinize you and tell you what you should look like or what you should do or ask, why did you cut your hair. You constantly live in fear of not being good enough. It’s crazy; you have to be really strong.”

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In the article, Lipa addresses her acceptance speech for Best New Artist at the Grammys earlier this year in which she called out the president of the Recording Academy for his sexist comment in 2018 about female artists needing to “step up.”

“I didn’t plan it,” she says. “It just came out of my mouth. But it felt right; it was obviously shade but at the same time, he’s spoken about it and he knows what he did.”

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