Sara Gilbert Leaving ‘The Talk’ After Creating The Show 9 Years Ago

Sara Gilbert is saying goodbye to Global‘s “The Talk”.

The “Roseanne” actress, who created and has been a host on the series since it started in 2010, announced the news on Tuesday’s show.

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“This is something that I have been struggling with for a while, and going back and forth, but I’ve decided that it’s time for me to leave the show at the end of this season,” Gilbert said, visibly emotional.

She continued, “I obviously love it here, and like I said, this was extremely difficult. Last season, I did ‘The Conners’ and was also producing and [working] here. I loved it and felt totally empowered, but also, if I’m being honest about it, my life was slightly out of balance. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my three kids as I’d like, or time for myself.”

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Revealing that she plans on producing more and taking on more acting roles, Gilbert said, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it all. I’m looking at the next six months and thinking, ‘There’s not time.’ It’s difficult because this is a place that I love and a place that I’m extremely happy. I love the hosts, I love the crew, I love our staff, I’m so grateful to the audience for letting me in your homes every day. It’s been such an honour.”

Gilbert’s co-hosts shared their reactions to her news. “I want to say personally, you are an amazing woman. You are a true example for others to follow. You created something very, very special with ‘The Talk’. But more than that, you are an amazing mother, you’re an amazing partner, wife, you are just such a beautiful spirit… we all wish you Godspeed to greater things, and you will never be forgotten,” said Sheryl Underwood.

“We all understand the evolution of a person, of a woman, of a mom…  I have learned a lot. Thank you for letting me in… I feel like I’ve been able to see some beautiful sides of you… and I love you,” added Eve.

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Sharon Osbourne, unable to control the tears streaming down her cheeks, said, “I want to say so many things to Sara… I’ve never worked with anyone for nine years before, I always get fired. This to me has been the best table. There’s always someone. You can respect people, and you can enjoy working with them, but there is always someone that gets on your nerves. It’s true, and there is nobody that gets on each other’s nerves here. And I think that Sara, since she took over this seat, has just been slamming it every show. And you’ve all seen her dry humour that comes out of nowhere, and she’s so quick and so sarcastic, and so fabulous.”

“Sara’s passionate vision for a forum in which women on camera and off could celebrate mutual support, emotional growth, and everyday achievements was a driving force behind bringing ‘The Talk’ to air in 2010 as CBS’ first daytime talk show. Her authenticity, compassion, quick wit and drive to succeed led to 9 successful seasons of ‘The Talk’ garnering numerous daytime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Show and Outstanding Host,” said Angelica McDaniel, CBS executive vice president, daytime programs. “We are thankful that Sara inspired us from the beginning and wish her all the happiness and success on her new journey. She will always be family and, as you know, family can always come by for a ‘Talk’.”

Tune-in to new episodes of “The Talk” weekdays at 2 p.m. on Global, and watch full episodes online here.

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