Bebe Rexha Ghosted Shawn Mendes At Grammys: ‘I Don’t Think I Ever Texted Him’

Bebe Rexha once invited Shawn Mendes to a Grammys after-party and forgot to tell him where it was.

The “I’m a Mess” singer detailed how she ghosted the young Canadian musician during a recent chat with Spotify’s “David’s Out For A Good Time” podcast. Rexha ran into Mendes on the 2019 Grammys red carpet and invited him to attend a small after-party at her house. Mendes asked her to text him the details and, well, she did not.

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“I don’t think I ever texted him,” she said. “He’s also not the greatest texter, FYI… You know how some of your friends aren’t very good at texting right away. I mean, I do that sometimes… people text me and might not get a response for, like, two days.”

“Then I’ll flood them with 80,000 responses,” she continued. “I have to let it, like, marinate.”

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Rexha’s texting game has landed her in hot water in the past. “People will get mad when I don’t respond,” she confessed. “But I will only truly respond to my mum, sometimes not even, and I’ll get in so much trouble.”

Rexha joined the cast of “The Voice” in February — alongside Adam Levine, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton — as the show’s comeback coach.

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