Celine Dion got a pep talk from David Spade before crashing a Las Vegas wedding last week.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday, Spade talks about the stunt he helped pull with Jimmy Kimmel during his run of shows in Vegas.

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Before heading out to crash the wedding, though, Spade wanted to say hello to Celine Dion. After finally being allowed near her by her security team, Spade says she got nervous and started pepping her up.

“You ready to nail it? I want your A-game,” he told her, to which the Canadian singer said simply, “I’ll sing good, yeah.”

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Also on the show, DeGeneres had Spade play a game of “First Question” to test his skills as a talk-show host.

On the spot, Spade had to come up with the first question he’d ask big celebrities like Beyonce and Oprah if they came on his show.