Disney Planning ‘Hawkeye’ Miniseries Starring Jeremy Renner For Streaming Service

Hawkeye is going to TV after “Avengers: Endgame”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is planning a “Hawkeye” miniseries starring Jeremy Renner for their upcoming streaming platform Disney+.

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The series is planned as a kind of hand-off story, with Renner’s Clint Barton passing the Hawkeye mantle to his young protege Kate Bishop.

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Renner isn’t the first of the Marvel film stars to sign on for a Disney+ series. Also on the way are a “Loki” series starring Tom Hiddleston, a series about Vision and Scarlet Witch starring Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen and a Falcon and Winter Soldier series starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

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Fans eager for a hit of Hawkeye can see Renner in “Avengers: Endgame” when the film hits theatres April 26.

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