Milla Jovovich is all about co-sleeping with her entire family.

During Wednesday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show”, Jovovich revealed her daughters, Ever, 11 and Dashiel, 4, still sleep in the same bed as her and her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson.

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“The 11-year-old keeps sort of threatening to go to her own room at some point, but she’s like, ‘I know how lonely you’d get without me, so…’” the “Resident Evil” actress, 43, confessed before host Wendy Williams asked, “Now, is that what they do… where you’re from?”

Jovovich, who appeared on the talk show to chat about her upcoming flick “Hellboy”, replied, “I feel like 95 per cent of the world, people sleep together.”

But its roomy according to Jovovich, “We have a king size and a double, like pushed together.”

She added, “For us it worked, because my husband and I, especially when we make movies together, we’re working 15 hours a day, we get to see the kids at lunch, but we don’t get that time to connect so sometimes nighttime is the only time to reconnect with the family.”

And when it comes to mommy-daddy time – they get creative, revealing they head to a hotel about once a week: “Obviously when you share a bed, you gotta get creative about how you’re gonna make the next baby.”

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This isn’t the first time Jovovich has talked openly about co-sleeping, in 2015 she told the website Romy and the Bunnies: “We have been co-sleeping for years with our daughter and I feel that it’s helped us so much to stay connected as a family.”

“Hellboy” is in theatres now.