Foster The People Pens Apology Letter To Imagine Dragons After Throwing Shade

Mark Foster of Foster The People wrote an open letter to Imagine Dragons, trying to mend his ways.

The indie band members, Mark Foster, Sean Cimino, Isom Innis and Mark Pontius, are apologizing to Imagine Dragons and its frontman Dan Reynolds, after Foster threw major shade during an interview.

Last September, while chatting with ALT 105.7’s Wendy Rollins, Foster was asked what the band does with the music that doesn’t make their albums. Foster quickly replied, “We give it to Imagine Dragons.” Both bands have long been compared to each other and it seems, at the time of the interview, Foster had had enough.

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But on Wednesday, the lead vocalist took to Twitter to write an apology to Reynolds and the rest of Imagine Dragons.

“I have been burdened by something that I feel I need to amend… in a passing moment last year, I let some words come out of my mouth that don’t reflect who I am, or what I stand for,” he wrote. “As people with platforms there comes a responsibility to lead by example. I truly believe that if artists are supportive of each other and stood together, united that we can be a positive healing force in the world. ”

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Foster then revealed he hopes to see a change in himself, “I have always thought of myself as being shoulder to shoulder on that frontline, but I think along the way I lost some of my focus.”

He added, “I’m not writing this because someone asked me too. I’m not sending to my team or label or anybody for their thoughts to approve. This is just me unfiltered saying I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

Imagine Dragons nor Reynolds have replied just yet.

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