‘Lizzie McGuire’ Star Lalaine Vergara-Paras Reveals She Was ‘Forced To Look As White As Possible’ Growing Up

Lalaine Vergara-Paras is best known for portraying Miranda Sanchez, best friend of Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) in the popular tween sitcom.

While Vergara-Paras’ character was supposed to be of Mexican descent, her parents are actually Filipino, even though she doesn’t appear to be demonstrably Asian.

That, she explained in a recent Instagram post, “forced” her to try passing herself off as white in Hollywood, despite being a person of colour.

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“Most of my life growing up I was forced to look as ‘white’ as possible,” she wrote in the caption, accompanying a photo of herself.

“These days I struggle to find photos where I look as ethnic as possible,” she continued. “Or like in this photo the most East Asian I’ve ever looked.”

In fact, she added, her ethnicity is not readily apparent at first glance. “In order to see, for most people, you have to zoom in on ma face,” she wrote. “And in case you still don’t understand, I love my face in this photo.”

Meanwhile, fans may be seeing the actress, 31, reuniting with her former cast mates if a rumoured “Lizzie McGuire” reboot takes flight.

“There’s been some conversations,” said Duff in an interview last year with ET, cautioning fans not to get their hopes up too high. “It’s definitely not a go. I don’t want to get everyone wild talking about it.”

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However, Duff revealed that even the idea of a potential reboot was enough to make her “feel excited… It could be a possibility or it could be nothing, so we’ll see.”

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