Louis Tomlinson has experienced unimaginable loss over the last few years.

In 2016, the former One Direction member’s mother tragically passed away; in March, his 18-year-old sister Felicite died from a heart attack.

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In a newly aired interview on ITV’s “Lorraine”, taped only days before Felicite’s death, Tomlinson opens up about his mother, to whom Louis’ song “Two Of Us” is dedicated.

“My mum was always obsessed with the idea of me playing piano and they said what about me playing the opening verse [of ‘Two Of Us’] on piano,” Tomlinson recalls. “Normally I might have said no but knowing that she liked that idea… again, I kind of just zoned into that idea and just went for it.”

The 27-year-old also talks about how being a father has helped him work through his grief.

“I have said a few times, it’s the responsibility side of things that have made the [grief] process a little bit easier for me,” he says. “Every time I spend time with Freddie… you feel so much love and it doesn’t matter what’s going on; in that moment, that’s all you are thinking about. Those times with him are priceless.”

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Tomlinson adds of his son, “He is well behaved but he is also a little bit mischievous but in a harmless way. He is really funny and as he is getting older, I am seeing his personality come through. It’s so exciting.”