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This season of “Big Brother Canada” is like one long bout of deja vu. Every week ends in the same result: the Pretty Boys alliance controlling the vote and sending yet another victim out the door. Tonight it’s the turn of Beauty salon owner Samantha Picco, who becomes the first member of the jury.

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Cory Kennedy might have had the title and the bedroom, but make no mistake, Anthony Douglas was this week’s Head of Household. The Gas inspector – and leader of the Pretty Boys – did an absolute number on Cory this week. Against her better judgment, the 29-year-old Middle school teacher backed away from her initial target, Dane Rupert, and became gung-ho about taking out Sam.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

It’s frustrating because Cory’s gut instincts were correct. She correctly surmised that Dane was the one that suggested backdooring her last week until Anthony got in her ear and planted the blame on Sam. The fact Cory made her entire HOH week about a theoretical backdoor that was barely even a consideration let alone a plan is baffling. But that’s “BBCAN7” for you.

As the weeks go on, the houseguests become even more oblivious to the guy’s alliance. Viewers are obviously privy to more information than the players, but it’s not as if these people haven’t been given ample evidence. Several of them have overheard conversations or walked in on group strategy chats. They even know that the boys have a hand signal! And yet players like Estefania Hoyos laugh at the idea as if it’s ridiculous.

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The fact Anthony worked so hard to protect Dane should have been the final confirmation that the men are aligned, but no one really appears to care all that much. The outsiders don’t realize their outsiders and seem quite happy for Sam to take the fall. Actually, the only person not thrilled with the decision is Adam Pike, one of the Pretty Boys alliance members.

Adam has done his damndest to balance both his alliance and his showmance, but this week he was backed into a corner. Anthony and Dane went behind his back to get his girlfriend nominated, and the Oil field worker was not best pleased with their slippery tactics, especially as Sam spent all week protecting him from the backdoor accusations.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Feeling guilty, Adam approaches Anthony and Mark Drelich about the whole situation and questions why Sam has to go before Este. A het-up Mark is still stinging from Sam putting him on the block last week and basically tells Adam that his girlfriend is going because he failed to keep her on a leash. Seeing the writing on the wall, the Newfoundland native has a tearful breakdown to Cory in the HOH room.

Meanwhile, Sam comes clean to Cory about Adam being part of the backdoor conversation, hoping that it will earn her some brownie points. She tells Cory that if she stays she will be a big shield in front of her and will go after Dane. She makes a similar pitch to Mark, telling him she won’t ever use him as a pawn again and that together they can work with Adam and Kyra against the others.

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Anthony, who is essentially the mafia boss of the house, is not happy about Sam & Adam trying to switch the vote and confronts his alliance-mate in the bathroom. Things get a little heated when Adam suggests there is no difference between him and Sam and Anthony & Cory. “You shower together!” states Anthony, who makes it clear he only got close to Cory so she wouldn’t be a problem for the Pretty Boys.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

All the campaigning doesn’t do anything to change Sam’s fate; she’s evicted 5-1, with only Adam giving her a pity vote. “I completely fell for him,” Sam tells Arisa Cox about her “Big Brother” beau. “He took me by surprise and my expectations were blown out of the water.” However, she did admit she wishes she didn’t protect him so much this week, but she wrongly assumed she had Cory’s loyalty.

The best news of the night is when Arisa announces that she’s expecting her third child. That’s more exciting than anything that has happened this season, which says a lot! Congratulations to Arisa and her family!

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