Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Like When Celebrities Photoshop Themselves On Social Media: ‘It’s All Fake’

While Instagram was initially conceived as a tool that would allow photographers to share their work, celebrities and their publicity teams soon saw the social media platform as one more promotional weapon in their PR arsenal.

“Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke thinks many people are unaware of the level of manipulation that goes into a celeb’s social media, which sets unrealistic expectations for non-celebrities.

“Celebrities get professionals to work with them on their diet, exercise, hair, and makeup — even Spanx — all of it,” says the 32-year-old actress. “It’s not real. It’s all fake.”

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Clarke is also not a fan of apps that allow the user to doctor their photos in the same way that celebrities do.

“I struggle with the girl next door also editing their pictures,” Clarke says in a recent interview with Vogue UK. “It’s not right. Where is that human interaction? I think that the apps that make people airbrush themselves and look thinner or look clearer skinned should be banned. I don’t think this s**t should be on the phone for young people. I do not agree with it, I do not like it, it doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t do it on my Instagram. I filter, sure, everybody’s got to filter! But ain’t no way that I’m going to retouch that stuff.”

In fact, Clarke admits that she’s been surprised to find herself enhanced with a little Photoshop in some promotional campaigns.

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“Back in the day, there were certain movie posters where I was like, ‘Hey guys, I ain’t got no double-Ds. I’m very happy with what I’ve got, and it’s not what you’ve put on that poster,’” she quipped. “But that was not the stuff that I’m doing right now.”

In fact, she’s concerned with how this use of technology to enhance the way we present ourselves on social media is affecting society.

“I think that we can find our inner beauty by looking inwards and not outwards,” she says. “Seriously. Now we’re really screwed because we’ve got the editing, we’ve got the shading, we’ve got all that bloody nonsense. They don’t look like that. Ain’t nobody look like that!” she explains.

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“My heart bleeds, because I struggled as a kid. I thought that what the girls looked like in magazines, on TV, in film, were real. And they’re not real. Lean into your body type… There’s nothing wrong with being tall and skinny, there’s nothing wrong with being an absolutely bone-normal size 12 or being anything bigger than that. Nothing wrong with it.”

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