When it comes to discussing the first time that she and boyfriend Jason Tartick hooked up, Kaitlyn Bristowe does not disappoint in the TMI department — although she now admits the anecdote was “inappropriate.”

In a recent edition of her “Off the Vine” podcast, the former “Bachelorette” dished about the steamy first time that she and got together with Tartick.

“We’ve talked and we’ve texted and there’s this built-up tension, and the first time we actually felt romantic towards each other,” she revealed. “We meet up, and it’s hot and heavy.

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There was, however, one tiny obstacle. “I was on my period,” she admitted. “This is a natural thing for women. We don’t have to act like it’s weird. We all get our periods. Doesn’t have to be a weird thing that we all ignore.”

To keep the romance going, Bristowe offered an alternative: “So I was like, ‘Yo, let’s just dry hump.’ So we did. Literally, I have pants on. Like, we were fully clothed.”

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Her plan had the desired effect. “In five minutes, he picked my nose and gave me an orgasm. So yeah, it was good,” she recalled. “I mean, dry humping will get you if it’s been a while. Then he looks at me after and goes, ‘Aw, you’ve got a booger.’ And then he picked my nose, and I was like, ‘We’re it. This is happening.’”

Not only did Tartick bring Bristowe to climax, she described it as “the best orgasm of my life.”

After Bristowe’s revelations made headlines, People reports that in a subsequent podcast she admitted she may gone a little too far.

“Once you’re on a stage, you really let loose and you want to please the crowd,” she said in Friday’s podcast, adding that “when you mix in all the tequila shots that were sent our way” you get “an inappropriate podcast.”

It wasn’t until she started seeing her story make headlines, and read her comments in print, that she realized the full extent of what she had revealed.

“When I read it as the article, I was like, ‘Oh, damn, that’s a lot. I don’t want my family reading that.’ But in the moment, it’s so funny because it’s a confession and the whole room is laughing,” she said.

“I think people were like, ‘Damn, that’s gross,’ but I’m like, ‘You kind of had to be there,’” she added.

“That being said… inappropriate,” Tartick chimed in, laughing, while Bristowe admitted she should “maybe reel it in.”