Carly Rae Jepsen Destroys Her Kitchen In Homage To Famed Anti-Drug PSA: ‘Any Questions?’

One of the most powerful TV public service announcements of the 1980s was produced by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, featuring the unforgettable imagery of an actor holding up an egg and proclaiming, “This is your brain.”

He then points to a cast-iron frying pan heating on a stovetop. “This is drugs.”

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The actor cracks the egg into the frying pan, displaying the sizzling mess to deliver the tagline: “This is your brain on drugs.”

In the late ’90s, the organization (which has since changed its name to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids) kicked things up a notch or two by having actress Rachael Leigh Cook offer the same wisdom.

Instead of frying the egg, however, Cook instead slams the pan down on it, and then proceeds to use it to utterly trash the kitchen, smashing plates to smithereens and generally demolishing everything in sight.

Carly Rae Jepsen clearly remembers the latter commercial, and on Friday the B.C.-born singer shared a video on Twitter in which she delivers a shot-for-shot remake of Cook’s PSA to promote her recently released song “No Drug Like Me”.

“This is your brain,” says the “Call Me Maybe” singer, 33, of an egg, and then holds up a frying pan. “…and this is ‘No Drug Like Me’.”

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As she prepares to clobber the egg with the pan, she adds, “And this is what happens to your brain when you listen to ‘No Drug Like Me’,” before she too uses the iron pan to lay waste to her kitchen.

Jepsen’s tweet also includes this link, which leads to a URL where fans can listen to that song as well as her other recent release, “Now That I Found You”.

Last week, the singer had big announcement to make: her new album, Dedicated, will be released on May 17, with a North American tour to follow.

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Meanwhile, Jepsen isn’t the first person to recreate that particular PSA; two years ago, Cook herself served up a special 4/20 version to offer a scathing critique on America’s failed war on drugs. Watch:

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